The Left’s attack on Gambling – a tale of hypocrisy
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In the wake of a left wing assault on the gambling industry, spearheaded by daily articles in The Guardian harpooning a variety of gambling’s vehicles for business and supported by the woebegone Tom Watson, this author would like to take their views – some which do bring viable attention to areas in which the industry should be doing more to protect consumers – and perform a volte-face and inculcate said views as deep in to their expounders’ most intimate sub-dorsal regions as possible with these probes:

a) The Guardian profits from advertising gambling on a performance basis*, based on customers they refer losing money to gambling firms.

b) The Guardian carries said advertising on their Horse Racing Tips page (yes, therefore they essentially profit from the tips they send…)

c) … and profit from said advertising on any anti-gambling article they seem to wheel out.

d) and as for Mr Watson, well…

He voted Yes for the third reading of the 2005 Gambling Bill that introduced FOBTs in the first place and then in 2013, he voted (by mistake apparently) to increase the stake, and prize, limits for certain categories of gambling machine. Source: TheyWorkForYou.com.

It gets better though… Watson only seems to have jumped on the anti-FOBT bandwagon since a mysterious donor, a Mr Derek Webb, began funding his constituency campaigns. Could be pure coincidence. Now whether this Derek Webb is the same Derek Webb who runs the anti-FOBT campaign is another question (unanswered by Watson, the Patron Saint of Transparency). Whether either of those Derek Webbs is the same Derek Webb who founded Prime Table Games LLC or the same Derek Webb who sold said business to Galaxy Gaming in 2011 or the same Derek Webb previously some rights to Shufflemaster is another question altogether. Whether any of the deluge of Dereks alleged above still has any vested interest in the performance of table games in the UK, who knows*?  Maybe Transparent Tom does. One of those Derek Webbs will doubtless deny it all from his live-in apartment at an unnamed high-end Vegas hotel (Source: The Guardian). Long live the Left!

So yeah… as someone who works in gambling, let’s do what we can to protect consumers, but I urge you to see through the murky, uber-sanctimonious reporting of the Guardian and the (alleged) vile hypocrisy of Tom Watson MP. For the many, not the few.

* (Edit: By Performance, I imply that The Guardian receives a fee for the serving of the ad on their website site. That pricing is based on the performance of the ad. i.e. if nobody clicked it, went on to register, deposit and play (and spend/lose money) at one of the advertisers, in the case of a sports betting or spread betting company, they would not continue to advertise there.
** For those internet savvy types, Google: “tom watson derek webb fobt”… who knows what you’ll find…

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